We would like to introduce a service that we genuinely believe will help you to maximize your business potential.

As your line of work depends greatly on effective contact with present and potential customers, our telephone answering service can prove to be invaluable. Whether you need 24 hour 7 days per week answering for urgent calls or during peak hours, you can count on us. Our skilled telephone operators can handle your calls with professional care.


Nationwide Benefits

* Our operators can take messages and provide information on your behalf 24 hours per day.

* The service helps maintain a personal, lasting business relationship with your clientele, something an answering machine could never do.

* Immediate response to all calls – particularly important in emergencies.


Need Help?

* We have several options for dispatching messeges, including voice mail, email, text messaging & faxing. you can check-in 24 hours a day with no waiting.

* An overall professional service that projects an image of reliability and personal concern for your clientele.

* Toll Free 800 numbers available.

…If you’d like more information about our telephone answering service or paging services, please call us.

(908) 850-9000