Call Forwarding:

1.  Dial *72, wait for second dial tone and dial (908)__________________.

Ringing will begin and TriCaps will answer your circuit.

At the moment the Tri-Caps operator answers, the call forwarding goes into effect.

You simply tell her you are leaving for the day, etc.


2.  Dial *72, wait for second dial tone (908)________________.

Hang-up. Then, again, dial *72, (908)_________________, and wait for two short beeps (Verizon) or a tone (Sprint).

The two short beeps or a tone indicate that the call forwarding is in effect.
(Money saving-no connection to TriCaps is required.)


3.  Terminating Call Forwarding Dial *73 and wait for two short beeps or a tone.

The two short beeps or the tone indicate that the call forwarding is terminated.

YOUR CALL FORWARDING NUMBER IS (908)___________________.

YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER IS ________________.


Voice Mail:

MAILBOX # _____________-0-______________ PASSCODE

1. Dial (908) 850-_______ (local or out of state) – No Charge
Dial 1-800-____-______ (out of town, NJ only) – $11.95 charge per month

2. Enter your mailbox number plus a 0 (four digits plus the zero) MAKE SURE THAT YOU HIT THE 0 (zero) IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE MAILBOX NUMBER!

3. Enter your four digit “security code.” This security code is initially the same as your mailbox number but can be changed at any time.

4. Follow the voice prompts:

  • To listen to your new messages Press 1
  • To listen to your saved messages Press 2
  • To change personal options Press 4
  • To quit Press 9


5. Press “1” , to listen to your new messages. While a message is playing, you can perform the following:

  • Rewind or skip back 5 seconds Press 4
  • Pause/restart Press 5
  • Fast forward or skip ahead 5 seconds Press 6


6. After the message plays, or anytime while the message is playing, you can choose from the following options:

  • To save this message Press 1
  • To erase this message Press 3
  • To listen to this message again Press 7
  • For the time message was received Press 8


7. Go ahead of the prompts after you feel comfortable with the system. You do not have to wait for “her” to finish instructing each move.

Note “Saved” messages will automatically be erased 180 hours after the operator has put it in the system. 180 hours is 7 days! Immediately after saving or deleting a message, the next message will play until all messages have been retrieved. You can then press “9” to exit the system. The Vmail will conclude its conversation with you by saying “Thank You.”